Social Hair Salon

The Social Salon is an innovative service that offers free haircuts, hairstyles, and shaves to our homeless citizens and families who live under difficult conditions. The salon is located at the Citizens’ Mutual Aid Centre of the City of Athens and was made possible through the sponsorship of the Professional Products Department of L’Oréal Hellas.

The salon provides all services and equipment that one can find in a typical hair salon. It also stands out as the first facility of KYADA which operates exclusively with volunteer hairdressers who were mobilized following the initiative of the professional hairdresser Anastatios Stavropoulos (known as Anber) to provide care and support.

Service hours: Monday and Wednesday 8:00-15:00 (by appointment)

Book an appointment at the social hair salon on the phone 2108897900 (Marina Pantazi).


Are you a hairdresser and want to contribute?