With long experience, K.Y.A.D.A. has the reflexes, capability, flexibility and know-how to design and implement programs in collaboration with its supporters.

K.Y.A.D.A. accepts donations in items (food, medicines, etc.) for the people in need, we organize voluntary actions together with companies, individuals, other social entities and citizens’ groups, in order to help and empower the city’s vulnerable populations.

If you want to support our work in any way, you can contact K.Y.A.D.A.’s Sponsorship Department at 210-9233310.

Any offer in money, items or personal work will be well-received. K.Y.A.D.A. supports 26,000 fellow citizens every month – our needs are great and enduring.

The City of Athens Reception and Solidarity Centre holds a bank account at the National Bank, to support its mission.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 064/480000-15

IBAN: GR7701100640000006448000015