Other programs

Support programs for vulnerable groups:

Social Grocery: The distribution program of food and essential items of the Social Grocery of KYADA supports 450 families per quarter. Twice a month the beneficiaries receive packages with necessary items at the reception of the Citizens’ Mutual Assistance Center (2 Domokou Street & Philadelphias). The Social Grocery Program is implemented by K.Y.A.D.A. and since the beginning of its operation it has stood next to 3,648 families. It is financed within the framework of the operation “Structure for the Provision of Basic Goods: Social Grocery Store, Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Athens” of the E.P. “Attica 2014-2020.”

Delivery of Citizens’ Mutual Assistance Hub packages: A program of the K.Y.A.D.A. which monthly supports over 3,000 families living below the poverty line. Once a month, those enrolled in the program receive food packages through the Citizens’ Mutual Aid Hub. Beneficiaries can also access psychosocial support and counseling employment, as well as liaison with other social welfare services of K.Y.A.D.A. and the Municipality of Athens.

Lidl: A sponsorship program that supports 170 families every five months and is implemented for the third consecutive year in collaboration with the Social Solidarity and Relief Network and Lidl Greece. As part of the company’s corporate responsibility program, families receive 15-day packages of food and necessities (personal hygiene products, household cleaners, stationery, etc.) as well as psychosocial support. The program has supported a total of 800 families.

Sklavenitis: In K.Y.A.D.A. we are constantly developing solid partnerships with donors such as SKLAVENITIS supermarkets who offer monthly gift vouchers to individuals and families in need.

Aggelikousis: Since 2016, K.Y.A.D.A. has been collaborating with the Aggelikousis Foundation, which practically and substantially embraces our work by supporting lonely individuals and families on a monthly basis.

Family Adoption
This program was implemented with the help of “Stirixi,” a volunteer group that was founded by Anatolia American College Alumni. The program allows for direct communication between the volunteers and the families in need with the consent of the latter. Thirty large families are currently included in the program.

K.Y.A.D.A. is constantly developing regular partnerships with sponsors such as Sklavenitis, who offer vouchers for families and individuals in need on a monthly basis.

Since 2016, we have been collaborating with Angelikoussis Foundation, which also supports lonely individuals and families on a monthly basis.
At the same time, we organize actions (food gatherings, cultural events, etc.) to relieve people in need.